Super-resolution actin and mitochondria analysis

Image analysis for MitoTracker and Phalloidin staining in Zeiss Airyscan super resolution microscopy images.
This repository contains custom image analysis pipelines for Image Analyst MKII, used in the following publication: currently under embargo

List of pipelines

These pipelines have been used to process the following image data: Access data on Zenodo

How to use

To open and edit *.ips (XML) Image Processing Pipeline files download Image Analyst MKII for Windows.

  1. Clone this git in Image Analyst MKII by Edit/Download and Manage Pipelines from GitHub.
  2. Press the "< > Code" button above in this page and copy the URL of this git.
  3. Paste the URL in the URL field in the Connect to Git window in Image Analyst MKII.
  4. Press Download.
  5. The pipelines deposited here will appear in the middle section of the Pipelines main menu.

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